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Powerwerks PW505BT


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Along with its new comely design, this lightweight full range personal PA system features two 5" speakers with a high frequency driver, multiple inputs (with phantom power), and balanced XLR outputs. Available with or without Bluetooth.

The two 5" speakers and high-frequency driver provide just the right combination of high and midrange sounds. This balance ensures your vocals cut through the mix while minimizing harsh and unwanted frequencies.

The Powerlink Circuit allows two or more units to be linked together and function as one P.A. system. As your following grows, so does your sound system. Multiple units can be connected to increase the sound coverage in your venue of choice.


50W (peak) of amplification
Two 5" woofers and 3.5 Piezo Driver
60 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
Built-in Bluetooth receiver for wireless streaming of music from mobile devices
Built-in mixer with volume controls and bass and treble EQ
XLR and 1/4" inputs on channels one and two
1/4" subwoofer output (crossover at 150 Hz)
XLR Powerlink input and output for linking to another Powerwerks PW unit
Includes AC power cable