Marlin King

Marlin really needs no introduction, to many in the Frederick and the surrounding areas, his bands have always been in demand for the past 4 decades. He has a unique perspective on music with regard to its abilities to heal, remove stress and enhance an individual’s IQ. Marlin is dedicated to his students and believes in tailoring their experience to their interests and goals, while taking a casual approach, he will guide his students in understanding music in the simplest ways. Marlin is well versed in many music styles and performance techniques including classic rock, blues, R & B, as well as country and modern rock. Please contact Marlin, if you are interested in expanding your professional
abilities or simply wish to enjoy music as a great hobby.

Marlin’s rate is $25 per half hour lesson
Availability: Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday

Beth Suydan

Beth is a retired FCPS Elementary School teacher with over 25 years of playing experience. She has BME (Bachelors of Music Education) in addition to 2 years at the Boston conservatory of music. Beth has also been the 1st Soprano for the Tri City Opera Co of New York.  She is classically trained, but enjoys all styles of music. Beth enjoys working with students of all ages and says “Watching my students discovery of music is a wonderful experience for me & I believe that comes out through the lessons. Music can be such a powerful and personal journey, which is why I have always been so connected to it. I try to surround myself in it as much as possible” .

Beth's rate for vocal lessons is $30 per half hour lesson
Availability: Tuesday $ Thursday

Anthony Edwards

Anthony began taking clarinet lessons in elementary school, playing in band through high school and into college, at Azusa Pacific University, in the LA area. He also began taking piano lessons in seventh grade, as well as singing bass.

His teaching experience began as a classroom teacher, teaching every elementary grade except kindergarten and fourth grades. In 1996 he started teaching classroom music in international schools in SE and S Asia. He has also been a member of various ensembles and Choral groups. He is currently a member of the Rockville Chorus.

Anthony teaches beginning to intermediate piano lessons, focusing on theory, reading and technique, and welcomes students of all ages.
He is most comfortable working in the areas of classical and pop music.

Anthony's rate is $25 per half hour
Availability: Monday & Wednesday