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We Offer Guitar, Amp, and Speaker Repairs

Your guitar isn't sounding as good as it could be? You don't have to go out and buy a new one - we can help you get your old guitar sounding like new again. We do electric/acoustic guitar setups, re-strings, and repairs. Additionally, we can repair your broken amps, speakers, and drums (not bearing edges.) Bring the item in and we will write up a work order explaining what needs to be done. No appointment is needed.

Our Repair Process

Bring the item in and we will write up a work order explaining what needs to be done. You'll receive a copy and the original stays with the item. If it's a basic setup or re-string, then you are good to go. If there are specific issues with an item, our repair person will call the customer with a quote or to get specifics about what needs to be done. The repair person will notify the customer once the item is ready for pickup.

For amplifiers and PA speakers, there is an $85 bench fee which goes towards opening and diagnosing the issue and a quote to repair. If the customer then chooses to move forward with the repair, the $85 goes towards the repair costs.

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Repair Time

How long does it generally take to repair?
  • For general guitar set-ups or repairs: 4 days-1 week
  • More involved repairs will be determined by the luthier.
  • Amp / PA speaker repairs: 2-4 weeks, sometimes longer

REPAIR TIMES VARY AND DEPEND ON REPAIR LOAD. We try to estimate to our best ability on timing for repairs but as we all know, there can be issues so please be patient. 

Guitar Maintenance

Get your guitar sounding like new again.

Restring- $20 and goes up to $30 for classical, Floyd rose, etc
Set up/ Supertune- Checks and corrects intonation, adjusts trussrod an7 adjusts action to customers' preference, clean and oil fretboard: $75-$85

About Rick LeFever, Guitar Luthier and More

Rick LeFever has always had a knack (or obsession) for taking things apart to "fix" them, and that had carried over to his guitars and amps. While working at Giant Music, he had the privilege of learning how to "fix" things correctly from John Vetter, a brilliant guy who seemed to know everything, including how to impart his knowledge and methodology as they relate to the instrument and amp repair.

In 1976, Rick went on to be trained at the Peavey factory in Meridian MS, subjects covered include signal flow, polarity impedance matching, manufacturing techniques for electronics, speakers guitars/basses, and cabinetry. He has been an authorized Peavey Tech for over 23 years and a Fender Repair Tech since 1987. He attended the Taylor Guitar University on-campus factory training and has been an authorized Taylor Service Tech for more than 15 years. Rick says, "As a repair person, I take pride in doing the job right and being fair and honest with the customer. Trust is a powerful asset and very important to me."

We want you to be able to play the guitar the way it's supposed to sound - that's why we're here. We know how important it is for you to have a great-sounding instrument, so let us take care of all your repair needs. Give us a call at 301-662-8822 if you have any questions.

Come see us today and get your guitar repaired!