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Currently offering- Guitar, bass guitar, banjo, and drums.
Please call into M 'N' M (301-662-8822) and someone can assist you with lining up lessons, and with an instructor that matches your needs as a musician and availability. 

Gary Hunt- (Guitar, Bass Guitar) Gary has been with M 'N' M teaching since day one (1984) Even before starting at the store he was playing guitar in bands all across the area. He received his Bachelors degree from Hood College in Music so he's not only a very skilled player, he's also very schooled in the art of guitar and music. He's a fantastic player but an even better teacher. Whether it's someone just picking up a guitar for the first time or someone with years of experience, Gary is a good fit.

Steve Beck- (Guitar & Bass) Steve has been teaching at M 'N' M for many years now and always has a consistent group of students which goes to show his teaching ability. Steve is very knowledgeable when it comes to the guitar and very proficient in many different genres of music. He's currently playing in a band around the area so he's always keeping his skills sharp. Again, great teacher for all levels.

Nicholas Pare- (Guitar & Bass) The kid can play! Guitar runs in his blood. A few years back he started taking lessons here at M 'N' M with Gary, who is still currently one of our instructors. Gary said "he was one of the few, that age, who treated it like a job and took it seriously. It didn't stop at lessons. He PRACTICED" and that has been the way ever since. Nicholas has played alongside some talented guitarist such as Zakk Wylde, Dave Mustaine, Paul Gilbert, Tony Franklin, and of course KIX. He's currently playing in a band called Ever Rise while writing his own music and attending college fulltime. He can play and, teach it all.

Johnny "Boogie" Sines- (Drums) We went and saw his band play the other week and the man didn't miss a beat. We've never meet someone so into drums as much as John is, and that clearly translates over to his teaching. John is great with getting people energized about playing and absolutely loves what he does. He's been playing drums all around the area for many years and, one of the sets he currently plays out, he bought new from M 'N' M back in the 80's. His ability of teaching is great from beginners to more advanced, and he'll make you want to come back for more.

Ken Bussey- (Guitar & Banjo) Ken has Taught and Performed in the tri state area for over 25 years. Ken has his BA in Jazz/Commercial guitar performance from Towson University.