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BA Circuit Works Distortion 72

Utilizing a legendary opamp, the Distortion 72 is capable of very high gain sounds while keeping the low end tight. The two clipping stages work together providing some initial soft clipping to add compression and grit before the hard clipping stage takes over and allows for everything from a mid-gain crunch to a high-gain sound that would be almost fuzz-like if not for the extremely articulate lows.

  • High gain distortion with similarities to a RAT
  • Two stage clipping for additional compression and high-end smoothness
  • Dual opamp for tighter sounds lows
  • Built with touring in mind
  • Off-board open-frame in and out jacks for reliability and ease of repair
  • Custom dual ground plane circuit board to lower the noise floor
  • Through-hold components
  • Built by hand in downtown Frederick